A downloadable game

Revive the golden age of arcade games from the 80th with Paulo, the new game from Kurage Studios.

Paulo is an original game pushing forward simple but challenging gameplay of yesteryear.

A little background

Paulo is monitoring a site overnight but it isn't exactly going smoothly…
Blocks of bricks are falling from the sky!
While avoiding getting knocked, Paulo is trying to align blocks to destroy the wall.

How to play ?

  • Touch the left or the right of the screen to move Paulo by one space.
  • Blocks can be pushed.
  • Bricks and boxes can be destroyed by making a horizontal line without gaps.
  • Bombs destroy everything on the line.
  • The destruction of a box gives an object.
  • Pick objects by jumping on them.
  • Locks are opened with keys.
  • Beware of mushrooms!

Catch and collect fruits and vegetables to unlock new costumes!

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